Monitoring and Support through Regional Offices

Publié 1 mai 2019 Mis à jour 1 mai 2019
Host organizations
Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Start date
1 mai 2019
End date
31 mars 2020
Gender;Quality Teaching;

The Regional Coordinator will make visits to each of the TAG schools in the region each term (3 times a year) for 2 years. During these visits, regional coordinators will: - Provide support and encouragement to teachers and school heads; - Observe and make notes on changes in instruction, the presence and activities of school clubs, parental and community support of TAG activities, infrastructure and the use of space, and other changes that can reasonably be attributed to TAG activities and approaches; - Where possible, compare the observations with baseline and previous data gathered


Teachers and school heads in TAG schools will: - Feel recognized for their achievements and motivated to continue their work; - Receive useful advice and information pertaining to their work.

Data will be gathered on: - The progress of TAG activities in the school and classrooms; - The impact of TAG activities on the school environment, teaching practices, student enrollment, achievement and completion rates (especially for girls).


School visits