Teso Region TAG workshops

Publié 1 mai 2019 Mis à jour 1 mai 2019
Host organizations
Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Start date
1 mai 2019
End date
31 mars 2020
Community;Gender;Social dialogue;

A five-day training workshop will be delivered to 86 participants, including professional staff from schools connected to the mobilized communities in the Central and South Regions. Topics will be based on the revised TAG Manual, and materials for use in the schools and elsewhere will be provided. The workshop will include topics relevant to the professional role of teachers, school heads and CCTS, and the supporting role of parents, community leaders, police and other agencies.


The TAG workshop provides the training and sets expectations of teachers, school heads, CCTs, parents and community members, school inspectors, District Education Officers and representatives of local agencies such as police. Through the training offered, and the skills, understandings and materials received, the workshop initiates TAG in the participating schools and serves as a reference point for further follow-up, support and monitoring.