ASEAN Women's Network, Philippine affiliates

Publié 1 janvier 2018 Mis à jour 1 janvier 2018
Host organizations
ACT, SMP-NATOW, TOPPS, FFW/TF8 - Philippines trade union sectors thar organize teachers and school staff
Cooperating organizations
Lärarförbundet-Sweden and EI Regional Office Asia-Pacific
Start date
1 janvier 2018
End date
31 décembre 2019
Gender;Human and Trade Union Rights;Organizing, recruiting;Quality Teaching;School Leadership;Sexual Orientation;Social dialogue;Union unity;

A joint effort to promote the gender and women's issues in working life and within unions, carried out by four Philippines trade unions that organize in the education sector. Each of the involved organizations assume responsibility for designing and carrying out training activites directed at leaders and members of all four organizations involved. Topics and issues are defined in joint meetings. The contents of the trainings received are then cascaded within the respective organizations to reach more members.


Increased numbers of young female leaders within trade unions; better trainings materials on gender awareness; higher awareness of union leaders and members on gender awareness; full implementation of all provisions of the Magna Carta for Women; enhanced knowledge of the Magna Carta for Women; disseminate information on anti-bullying and protection from gender-based violence in schools;


Workshops and seminars; production and publications of studies on gender issues such as the gender bias in existing learning material.