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Portugal: Creative celebration of educators

published 17 October 2016 updated 18 October 2016

Artists from a wide variety of disciplines and locations joined education unionists in Lisbon to celebrate the importance of teachers and education workers to the development of individuals and society as a whole.

On 4 October, through performances in music, dance, and theatre, artists paid tribute to teachers at concerts and performances in the Portuguese capital to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

This event was promoted by the Federação Nacional dos Professores(FENPROF), affiliated to Education International, in partnership with the INATEL Foundation, an organisation established in 1935.

In his speech, FENPROF General-Secretary Mario Nogueira emphasised the “need to ensure that the teaching profession receives a status mirroring its crucial societal role”, in line with the 50-year-old International Labour Organisation/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

Video of FENPROF about the concert/performance that took place in Lisbon on 4 October: