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G20 Summit: Argentinian leader supports workers

published 3 November 2011 updated 4 November 2011

A delegation has met with Argentinian President, Cristina Kirchner, ahead of the G20 Summit, to be held in Cannes, France, from 3-4 November. It was composed of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, the President of EI's Latin America Regional Committee and General Secretary of the Argentinian Trade Union Centre (CTA), Hugo Yasky, EI coordinator, Nicolás Richards, and several representatives of trade union centres.

Ms. Kirchner and the delegation agreed that solutions to the ongoing crisis are more political and economic than financial. Governments must invest in the creation of decent jobs, rather than cut public jobs, by reinforcing basic public services such as education, health and social security, and creating a global financial transaction tax eliminating all tax havens.

Ms. Kirchner affirmed she believes that there is no other way to build a better world without exclusion and strongly advocates for open and continuous discussions between workers, employers and governments.

Sharan Burrow noted Ms. Kirchner is an authoritative voice when it comes to find ways out of this crisis, considering that Argentina, but also Brasil and Uruguay, came out of social, political and economic crises at the beginning of the century by making public investment to create more jobs and improve public services, ensuring for example quality education for all.

Mr. Yasky added that the creation of a universal allowance for each and every poor child in Argentina had reduced school drop-out and contributed to eliminating rampant child labour, and helping give Argentinian workers good qualifications.

EI also joined the other Global Unions in issuing a statement to G20 leaders advocating for the development of a global jobs and recovery plan, as well as a reform of the financial sector, including the establishment of a financial transaction tax.

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