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EI to hold Early Childhood Education seminar in Accra

published 25 September 2009 updated 25 September 2009

EI member organisations from several African countries will converge in Accra, Ghana, for an Early Childhood Education seminar. The seminar, whose theme is, “Quality Early Childhood Education: Every Child’s Right”, will be held from 29 – 30 September and hosted by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT).

This seminar will provide an opportunity for EI member organisations in Africa to discuss and share experiences on ECE policy, practice, programmes and activities and to develop strategies for implementing the 1998 EI Congress Resolution on Early Childhood Education. The Pan-African seminar will be preceded by a meeting of the EI Task Force on Early Childhood Education on the 28th. The Task Force will review and discuss a draft report on a mapping exercise conducted by its members since the beginning of the year. The mapping sought to investigate ECE policies, systems, programmes and activities across the globe and to collect and document examples of good practice for use by EI member organisations and other stakeholders. Some of the issues and topics which will be covered by the Pan- African seminar are:

1. EI policy on ECE – Congress Resolution, decisions and the work of the Task Force 2. ECE policy and practice in Africa - examples of good practice, challenges and opportunities 3. Country reports - developments, issues, experiences and challenges 4. The role of educators and their unions in promoting and delivering quality ECE services 5. Confronting the challenge of training teachers to meet the ECE goal and other EFA targets 6. Collaborating with governments, UN agencies, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to meet the ECE goal