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Peru: SUTEP demands national debate on law on teaching profession

published 26 June 2007 updated 26 June 2007

EI affiliate in Peru, SUTEP, has called a 24-hour strike on 26 June to demand that the proposed new legal framework for the teaching profession be discussed in a national debate before being submitted to the Congress.

According to SUTEPs General Secretary, Luis Muñoz, the new law "violates various rights teachers have earned, such as labour stability".

Besides the lack of discussion and consultation with the education community, SUTEP is concerned about the efforts made by the authorities to guarantee a "fast-track" approval of the proposal.

What is all the more worrying is that last minute amendments and additions were made to the proposal without any proper discussion within the Education Commission of the Peruvian Congress.

One of these changes include an article stating that any professional is able to pursue a career in the teaching profession without having received any pedagogical training.

Another change concerns the establishment of an evaluation process in the form of a test which could lead to the dismissal of teachers.

For more information, please visit SUTEP's website www.sutep.org.pe