EI’s new Executive Board is ready to tackle an ambitious education agenda

published 19 November 2019 updated 21 November 2019

Many new faces joined the discussions at the first meeting of Education International's new Executive Board, elected by Congress in Bangkok, in July. The Board will make essential decisions to implement the resolutions adopted by Congress.

The Executive Board of Education International (EI) is meeting in Brussels on 19-21 November with a full agenda, covering items from the evaluation of the past Congress in Bangkok to the strategic planning for the next four years. The future of work and its impact on education, EI’s efforts to foster trade union renewal amongst its members and how union solidarity can save lives are among the topics that will be discussed. The Board will also review the plan of activities for key dates and events, appoint advisory bodies, and hear reports from committees and regional offices.

The meeting will also feature a special session on the struggle for democracy and human rights in Hong Kong.

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