Cease funding Bridge International Academies, says British parliamentary committee

published 21 November 2017 updated 23 November 2017

A report released today by the International development Committee of the British House of Commons questions the investment made by the UK in low-cost private school chain Bridge International Academies because of major issues related to access and quality in education.

The report commissioned by the British House of Commons and released today expresses significant concern about the investment and support of Bridge International Academies (BIA) by the British Department for International Development (DfID). “It is clear that Bridge is a contentious partner in achieving the aims of SDG4,” it states.

The House of Commons committee advised: “We would not recommend DfID make any further investments in Bridge until it has seen clear, independent evidence that the schools produce positive learning outcomes for pupils. Even at that time, we would want to see a compelling case for any further DFID support, including evidence to prove that Bridge was providing education to the very poorest and most marginalised children.”

Earlier this year, in correspondence to DfID, Education International (EI), the global education unions federation, made clear its opposition to DfID’s ongoing support for BIA describing it as “beyond justification”. This was followed-up by media coverage in Britain and beyond.