FECCOO (Spain) supports integration activities for migrant children and families in Badalona

published 18 October 2017 updated 11 June 2018

The 2016-2017 school year is getting to its term and with it, the activities planned within the project called "The weight of my backpack" are being developed successfully in the two educational centers of the neighborhood of La Salud in Badalona.

The objective of FECCOO is to develop a series of activities aimed at creating optimal school environments that are conducive to the integration of all children and accommodate all migrants, displaced persons and refugees.

For example, the workshop on linguistic competences and on developing reading skills led to a story-telling one-day marathon, held at the CEIP Josep Carner during which children’s mothers were invited to take part by sharing experiences and stories from around the world in their mother tongue: Arabic, Russian, Urdu, Portuguese, Chinese, ...etc.

Throughout the project, all students had access to illustrated albums dealing with themes related to refuge, war, travel, exile and arrival, which has been crucial to help them reflect on these themes and share their emotions and feelings.

In parallel, work is continuing with the Teachers' Resource Center of the Generalitat de Catalunya, to offer teachers from all educational centers of the municipality the course "Schools: a welcome place, Books: a refuge to live in" that is mobilizing hundreds of students and teachers.