Latin America

published 23 June 2017 updated 3 July 2017

Latin America

Regional coordination and planning meeting in Argentina

From 1-2 March, Combertty Rodriguez travelled to Buenos Aires for a regional coordination and planning meeting with leaders of the EI Latin American region, Hugo Yasky and Fátima Silva.

Meeting with the new CPC Executive Committee in Chile

On 3 March, Combertty Rodriguez travelled to Santiago to meet the new executive committee ofthe Colegio de Profesores de Chile(CPC).

Global Response campaign in Uruguay

On 21 March,Combertty Rodriguez and Gabriel Castro travelled to Montevideo, where they, and Angelo Gavrielatos, met both the Federación Nacional de Profesores de Enseñanza Secundaria(FENAPES) and the Federación Uruguaya de Magisterio - Trabajadores de Educación Primaria(FUM-TEP) about the Global Response campaign.

From 22-23 March, they took part in national activities in the framework of the global response.

Meeting with the UNESCO office on the 2030 Agenda in Chile

From 6-7 April, Combertty Rodriguez met with the UNESCO office in Santiago to work on ways to achieve SDG 4 of the 2030 Agenda.

“Escuela itinerante” and Global Response activities in Argentina

On 17 April, Combertty Rodriguez participated in a public event in Buenos Aires organised by the Confederación de Trabajadores de la Educación de la República Argentina (CTERA) on “Escuela pública itinerante”(Itinerant public school). This event was also attended by Angelo Gavrielatos and Nicolas Richards on behalf of EI.

The CTERA also hosted the launch of a Global Response report: La privatización educativa en América Latina: Una cartografía de políticas, tendencias y trayectorias by Antoni Verger, Mauro Moschetti and Clara Fontdevila maps the various policies, trends and trajectories of education privatisation across the Latin American region. The study reveals that, in recent decades, Latin America has seen the steadiest growth in the privatisation of education. Member organisations from Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay were present at the launch.

On 18 April, Combertty Rodriguez met with the Confederación de Educadores Argentinos’ Executive Committee to inform its members about the Global Response campaign. He also met with the Federación Nacional de Docentes Universitarios(CONADU) Executive Committee which was celebrating the 10thanniversary of the creation of the CONADU Instituto de Estudios y Capacitación.

Preparations for the IV Latin American pedagogical meeting in Brazil

From 24-25 April, Combertty Rodriguez took part in a meeting with the Confederaçao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Educação(CNTE) Executive Committee in Belo Horizonte. Attendees made decisions around the logistics (hotels and meeting rooms) for the IV Latin American Pedagogical meeting to take place in November 2017.

Research on unions’ influence in equality public policies in Bolivia

From 22-28 April, Gabriela Sancho travelled to La Paz and Santa Cruz for a research meeting on unions’ influence on public policies on equality.

CNTE pedagogical meeting in Brazil

From 27-28 April, Combertty Rodriguez participated in a pedagogical meeting organised by CNTE in in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso.

FE.CC.OO Congress in Spain

From 9-10 May, Combertty Rodriguez travelled to Madrid for Federación de Enseñanza CC.OO.(FE.CC.OO.) Congress.