Global Action Week for Education 2017: government must be held accountable for promises made to ensure free public quality education for all

published 23 April 2017 updated 13 April 2017

Education International calls on affiliates and concerned citizens to join the Global Action Week for Education 2017, to urge governments to implement the sustainable development goals by investing in free public quality education and educators.

“Accountability for SDG 4 and citizen participation” is the theme of this year’s Global Action Week for Education (GAWE), taking place from 23 to 29 April.

This is the first full year that governments will be reporting back to the UN on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) since their adoption in 2015. It is a crucial point for ensuring the full implementation of the SDGs, particularly SDG 4 on quality Education and the Education 2030 Framework for Action, by holding governments and the international community accountable.

All  UN member states committed to providing free and equitable primary and secondary education and ensuring that all children have access to quality early childhood education and affordable quality technical, vocational and higher education. The governments also committed to increasing the supply of empowered, well-trained professionally qualified, motivated and supported teachers and educators.

Demands of Global Action Week for Education 2017

GAWE 2017 demands that governments:

·         Develop, fund and implement credible plans for the implementation of the full SDG 4 agenda

·         Recognise the critical importance of strengthening public systems and state capacities to ensure that education is free, of good quality, and equitable

·         Ensure that there are credible, transparent mechanisms for participation of civil society in the monitoring and accountability processes for the agenda

EI: Governments keep your promises

“In line with EI’s Unite for Quality Education campaign and its Global Response to privatisation and commercialisation of education, the GAWE offers a timely opportunity to join forces with other education stakeholders to hold governments accountable for their commitments and support full implementation of the right to universal, free quality public education for all,” stressed Education International (EI) General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen.

Education International urges its member organisations to put pressure on their governments to fulfil their promise with credible and clear roadmaps for the implementation of the full SDG 4 agenda during GAWE, through various activities, ranging from social media-led mobilisation, targeted advocacy, mass public rallies and high-level discussions with public authorities and policy makers.


The GAWE is one of the main activities organised by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a broad-based coalition uniting trade unions, nongovernmental organisations, institutions and community based organisations engaged in education. EI is a founding member of the GCE. Organised annually since 2001, its main aim is to put pressure on public authorities, policy makers, donors, and other stakeholders to ensure that the right of all children and young people to universal, free quality public education is fulfilled.

The 2017 GAWE campaign overview by the GCE is available here