Resolution on solidarity with Nepal

published 25 July 2015 updated 31 March 2017

The 7th Education International (EI) World Congress meeting in Ottawa, Canada, from 21nd to 26th July 2015:

1. Recovering from the devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, the Nepal Teachers’ Association (NTA) requests the Seventh EI World Congress to adopt an urgent resolution to strengthen EI solidarity fund and disaster response ability of teacher organisations.

2. The disastrous events in Nepal have raised the urgent need for teacher unions to strengthen ability in disaster preparedness at the national and international levels.

3. The NTA recognises the importance of the EI solidarity fund, the support it provides to education, children and teachers in times of disasters and acknowledges that the support in paying teachers’ families, rebuilding schools, ensuring basic needs at times of disaster has greatly benefited teachers and education.

4. The NTA acknowledges that EI support in relief and rehabilitation of teachers in countries like Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines are of great value and recognises the need to further strengthen collective ability of the teaching profession in providing relief to teachers, students and education during and after disasters.

5. Taking in to consideration the above, NTA proposes that:

a. The allocation of resources from the Solidarity Fund for disaster relief purposes be considered by the Executive Board;

b. Education International explore the possibility of joining the United Nations Secretary General’s ‘Champions Group on Education in Emergencies and Protracted Crises’, announced in Oslo on 7 July 2015 so as to ensure prioritization of teacher-related issues, prevent governments from using crisis to suspending labour rights and outsourcing provision to private, for-profit companies.