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published 12 July 2013 updated 10 September 2013
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We’ve enjoyed organising the first edition of the new digital Worlds in Education. As we’ve been through the process its potential for unlimited opportunities to access educational information and opinion has become more and more obvious. The best way to look at the first Worlds of Education is that it is a pilot edition. The comments of all our readers on how it can be shaped are going to be vital for its future.

We wanted have a mix of interviews and writers. Our founding writers make major contributions in the education policy and academic world but so can teachers. Ideally we are looking for a mix. Worlds of Education is a fantastic resource for teachers in classrooms across the world as it is for those who work for the unions which represent them. EI’s Communications Unit, Timo Linsenmaier, Mar Candela, Claude Carroue, Frederik Destree, and myself are committed to making sure that Worlds of Education provides that opportunity.

In future editions we would like to see a forum of teachers’ views ranging from blog to twitter length. Start writing! They can be responses to what you have read in this edition or to what you think is missing. They can be neither. Reflections on what is going on in your country or internationally would be great. Our pilot edition of ‘what the media says’ invites you to send us links to any articles, social media and media clips that you think the global teaching profession needs to be aware off. Doing that can take less time than composing a twitter bite!

I’m very conscious that voices from whole continents of the world are not represented in this edition. We aim to rectify that in future but the vital thing is that you the reader feel able to send in ideas for article and articles of your own however short. Worlds of Education is your resource and your platform. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

John Bangs, Supervising Editor, Worlds of Education.