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7th EI Asia Pacific Regional Conference

published 27 November 2013 updated 27 November 2013

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A.    SUMMARY REPORT OF THE CONFERENCE     ATTACHMENTS     1.    Conference agenda     2.    Opening address by Mr. Yuzuru Nakamura, EIAP Chairperson     3.    Welcome address by the representative of EI member organisation in Malaysia     4.    Address by Datuk Mary Yap Kain Chin, Deputy Education Minister 1 Malaysia     5.    Greetings and solidarity messages:         A.    Mr. Devadhish, UNICEF         B.    Mr. Apolinar Tolentione Jr, BWI         C.    Mr. Henrik Herber, Lararforbundet     6.    Keynote address by Susan Hopgood, EI President     7.    EI Asia Pacific Regional Report by Shashi Bala Singh, EIAP Chief Regional Coordinator     8.    Closing address:-      A.    Mr. Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary ITUC-AP      B.    Representative of EI member organisation in Malaysia     B.    Committees for the conference:     1.    Credentials     2.    Elections     3.    Resolutions      C.    Reports from the Conference:     1.    Sub regional groups reports from:      A.    Central Asia       B.    North Asia      C.    Pacific      D.    South Asia      E.    South East Asia      F.    West Asia     2.    Breakout sessions reports on:         A.    Professional teachers matter for quality education;         B.    Quality public education for all : 2015 and beyond;         C.    Building a just and equitable global society through investment in education;         D.    Teachers unions defending the respect and dignity of women;         E.    Teachers organising to affect changes in education D.    Members of the newly elected EIAP Regional Committee E.    Amended EIAP By-Laws F.    Resolutions on:     1.    Cambodia     2.    Fiji     3.    Kiribati     4.    Higher Education     5.    Threat of De-legalisation of the KTU by the Park Geun-Hye Administration in Korea     6.    Polarization of education based on socio-economic backgrounds in Korea     7.    Achieving gender equality through ending discrimination (against women and girls) in education.     8.    Conference Theme “Quality Public Education; Building Asia Pacific's Social and         Economic Future”      G.    Reports from Caucus and Pre-launch of Mobilizing for Quality Education     1.    Women’s Caucus     2.    Higher Education Caucus     3.    Pre-launch of Mobilizing for Quality Education      a.    The Pledge      b.    Speech by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Wan Zahid Bin Mohd Nordin