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published 25 January 2017 updated 3 February 2017

Indonesia: PGRI-EI Consortium Project

From 30 November-1 December, EI and representatives from Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia(PGRI) met in Jakarta to evaluate external feedback on their joint project to establish PGRI as a strong, independent, democratic, and sustainable trade union.  Progress was made during the 2014-2016 pilot phase, particularly in terms of registered members, dues collection and financial reporting. In addition, training helped to boost the capacity of most lead organisers (LOs) from 18 provinces.

From 2-4 December, also in Jakarta, the PGRI held its annual evaluation and planning meeting. Attendees heard that PGRI membership in the pilot districts increased by 59 per cent and by 56 per cent at national level – over 1.5 million members were registered nationally as of November 2016. The membership increase was primarily due to the membership information system programme developed within the Project.

EI was represented by Rey Dolot, EI Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Region.

The Philippines: Meeting of ACT/EI/Lärarförbundet organising and capacity building project

The annual evaluation and planning meeting of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers ACT/EI/Lärarförbundet organising and capacity building project took place from 8-10 December in Mandaluyong City. As well as developing the 2017 action plan, the meeting reviewed 2016’s development cooperation projects, leadership skills training programmes, and public sector unions’ consultations and workshops.

The outcomes of these activities included an increase in union membership, the signing of two collective negotiation agreements, and the participation of ACT in Department of Education consultative/advisory bodies at national, regional, district and school levels. ACT is also regularly invited to participate in congressional hearings around relevant legislation.

EI was represented by Rey Dolot, EI Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Region.

The Philippines: EI post-Haiyan (Yolanda) rehabilitation initiative

The EI post-Haiyan (Yolanda) rehabilitation initiative will run for another year in order to maximise its benefits in the Philippines. The announcement was made by EIAP at the Joint National Crisis Committee (JNCC) annual evaluation and planning meeting on 11-12 December in Mandaluyong City. The project focuses on mental health, psycho-social support, how to manage risk/disaster, organising and teacher capacity building to better help victims of natural disasters.

EIAP also welcomed the strengthened cooperation among EI’s four affiliates. Four 2017 action plans (one for each affiliate) were agreed, with final approval to be granted by EI’s head office.

Rey Dolot was represented by EI.

Vanuatu: VTU biennial general meeting

“Uniting teachers for progress and development” was the theme of the Vanuatu Teachers Union (VTU) biennial general meeting in Port Vila from 5-9 December. Representing EI, Pacific Coordinator Govind Singh and Secretary General of the Council of Pacific Education, highlighted the role of the teacher unions in ensuring that the government provides the necessary resources and enabling environment to implement the SDGs.

The Youth and Women Network Conference, which preceded the VTU meeting, shared knowledge on topics such as trade unionism, trade union rights, setting up campaign strategy and plan, recruiting and organising, women’s issues, SDG 4 and building a successful trade union.