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published 22 December 2016 updated 4 January 2017

Movimiento Pedagógico in Costa Rica

On 3 November, Combertty Rodriguez, Gabriela Sancho and Gabriel Castro from the EI Latin America regional office (EILA) and the Costa Rican affiliate, Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Educación Costarricense(SEC), met regarding the Movimiento Pedagógico(Pedagogical Movement), on which SEC has started working nationwide.

VIth Regional Meeting on Indigenous Education and Public Policies in Guatemala

Representatives from 11 organisations in nine Latin American countries met from 7-9 November, in Chichicastenango, to analyse education unions in Latin America in terms of Indigenous education. The meeting organised by the Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Educación de Guatemala(STEG) and EILA, and supported by UEN (Norway) and Lärarförbundet (Sweden).

The status of public education in relation to Indigenous peoples in each union/country was analysed. In addition, working groups prepared a public education policy proposal for Indigenous populations.

The EILA Regional Committee Vice-President Fátima Silva was present,along with Combertty Rodríguez, Gabriela Sancho, and Gabriel Castro.

Movimiento Pedagógico in the Dominican Republic

From 13-18 November, Fátima Silva, Combertty Rodriguez, Gabriela Sancho and Gabriel Castro attended a national event about the Latin American Pedagogical Movement organised by the national affiliate in Dominican Republic, the Asociación Dominicana de Profesores, as well as the inauguration of the union’s pedagogical formation institute.

Movimiento Pedagógico in Brazil

From 21-24 November in Puerto Alegre, an EI affiliate, the Confederaçao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Educação organised a pedagogical demonstration, showcasing class work by teachers and students in the  framework of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement.

Fátima Silva, Combertty Rodriguez and Gabriel Castro took part for EI.

Movimiento Pedagógico in El Salvador

From 28-29 November, Fátima Silva, Combertty Rodriguez and Gabriel Castro travelled to San Salvador for a national Latin American Pedagogical Movement meeting.

EI Women Workers’ Latin American Network meeting in Costa Rica

The EILA staff and Costa Rican affiliates, the Asociación Nacional de Educadores and SEC, received Central American affiliates in Costa Rica from 5-7 December for a meeting of the EI Women Workers’ Latin American Network.

COLPROSUMAH Pedagogical Congress in Honduras

From 9-11 December, Combertty Rodriguez attended the Colegio Profesional ‘Superación Magisterial’ (COLPROSUMAH) national pedagogical congress in Tela.