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published 20 November 2016 updated 22 November 2016

With conflicts around the world driving people to seek asylum from violence and persecution, Education International is bringing together teacher unions, governments and civil society organisations to address the link between education and integration.

From 21-22 November, participants from 46 different countries are set to convene in Sweden to exchange information and experiences, identify challenges and good practices at system and classroom levels, and recommend policies and strategies to ensure access to quality education to all refugee and migrant children.

Hosted by Education International (EI) affiliate Lararforbundet at the Teachers’ House in Stockholm, the conference, “Providing Education to Refugee Children from Conflict Areas in the Middle East - Fast track to Equal Opportunities and Integration,” looks to develop concrete and actionable solutions that unions, schools, and teachers can implement in refugee host and transit countries.

“The purpose of this conference is, firstly, to explore ways to ensure access of refugee and forcibly displaced children to our national school systems, and, secondly, to discuss the professional challenges at the school and classroom levels,” reads an excerpt from the remarks of EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen.

The main aim of the two-day event is to equip participants with the opportunity to discuss topics, exchange messages, and provide their feedback on the diverse sessions.

With the help of a conference App, participants have the chance to access all of the information about the Conference on their computer or handheld device in one click, as well as communicate directly with other participants and speakers.

The App, coupled with the live streaming of the Conference via the EI YouTube channel, also allows experts and representatives of EI affiliates who, for various reasons, cannot be physically present in Stockholm, to take an active part in the debates. For those who are not in Stockholm, please contact Andrew King at EI to obtain access to the App.

The conference App can be accessed both on your favourite internet browser or by downloading it on the main App stores. Once you have received access to the App, simply enter the following URL into your browser: : https://eventmobi.com/eirefugees/.

The app is available for download on the main four app stores:

- Apple App Store- Google Play- BlackBerry World- Windows Phone Store

Locate the App “EI REFUGEES” in your chosen App store and follow the instructions to download it and install it on your device.

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