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Bombing of Syrian schools sparks outrage within the education community

published 28 October 2016 updated 2 November 2016

Global condemnation has been swift and fierce following the bombings of schools in the cities of Hass and Aleppo, which have left at least 25 children and six teachers dead among scores of injured.

Beginning on Wednesday, 26 October in Hass and repeated one day later in the besieged city of Aleppo, the targeted bombings of schools has taken the Syrian conflict to yet another level of destruction.

The first attack on what is being called a school district in Hass, killed at least 22 children and six female teachers as pupils settled into morning classes. So far, the second attack in Aleppo, has reportedly left three children dead and many wounded.

Schools are Territories of Peace

In its response to the attack in Hass, the Education International (EI) Executive Board, meeting in Brussels, said that “this latest act of violence directed solely at children and educators is only the latest horrific act and a demonstration of the international community's inability to protect education from attack.”

The organisation has called for an immediate investigation into the attack and says that full details of the atrocity be made public in order for those responsible to be held to account.