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Management training for Sri Lanka’s teachers’ unions an ‘eye-opening’ experience

published 1 September 2016 updated 7 September 2016

Successfully running development programmes is a challenge for even the most experienced professionals, which is why Education International’s Sri Lankan affiliates jumped at the chance to learn from the experts.

Learning how to use results-based management, a system of monitoring projects, allows organisations to better keep track of work, which was why Education International (EI) and affiliate UEN recently conducted workshops for five affiliates in the country.

Taking place in Negombo, Sri Lanka from 23-25 August, affiliates were treated to two days of training and one day of planning. The sessions were led by consultants from Strategic Inspirations, a company with an extensive background working with trade unions, civil society, and governments.

Walking unionists through the paces of setting budgets, planning, monitoring, and budgeting of development projects, the trainers set a roadmap for building successful projects.

Although intense, the training was far from theoretical. On the third day participants put their training into practice by creating joint activities to be spearheaded by individual unions:

a)       Increase skilled and competent young leaders – ACUT

b)      Implementation of Establishment Code Provisions for Teachers Unions – CTTU

c)       Take steps to review and make changes to reduce paper work for teachers – ACUET

Participants also submitted a budget proposal for 2017-2019 to be approved by UEN and Norway’s NORAD agency.