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Tajikistan: teachers trained on trade unionism and Sustainable Development Goals

published 17 June 2016 updated 21 June 2016

Teachers in the country’s south-eastern region had the opportunity to boost their leadership skills while learning how to shape the future during recent workshops organised by the Asia-Pacific regional office of Education International.

The workshops for Tajik education unionists took place in Kulyab, from 29-31 May, and in Kurgantube, from 1-3 June. They were each attended by 30 members of the Trade Union Committee of Education and Science Workers of Tajikistan, which is affiliated to Education International (EI).

“Topics presented to the participating trade union leaders were very useful to them, especially those newly elected to their positions and for whom it was the first time that they were attending a workshop of this nature,” noted the EI Asia-Pacific regional coordinator, Jerome Fernandez.


They aimed to help participants:

·         Discuss the teacher unions’ role in the market economy

·         Conduct an analysis of the current education situation in Tajikistan

·         Discuss the challenges/problems teachers, children and schools in Tajikistan are confronted with, and articulate possible solutions

·         Understand the basic concepts and principles of leadership

·         Raise awareness on the issues of teacher unions’ internal work, leadership and administration

·         Learn more about EI and its partners’ programmes and activities

·         Share information on and review the essential components and strategies of the Education for All campaign and the sustainable development goals

·         Conduct an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

·         Develop an individual plan to be implemented at school/work place level