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Teachers and public service workers merge to form new union federation

published 12 May 2016 updated 26 May 2016

Spain’s Federation of Education Workers and the Federation of Public Service have become one, joining forces to create what is now known as the Federation of Public Service Employees UGT.

In a move to better represent members, the former federations of Education Workers (FETE-UGT), an Education International (EI) affiliate, and Public Service (PSF-UGT), affiliated with PSI and UNI, have officially merged to become FeSP-UGT.

In making the decision to reduce the number of federations within the confederation from nine to three, the Confederal Congress decided to make the FeSP-UGT the first new federation to be established.

“You need strong unions to deal with your national challenges. I hope this federation will do just that,” said EI Deputy General Secretary Haldis Holst in her address to delegates. “Today my challenge to you is to use this new beginning to keep all your old strengths as well as to mobilise new. Stand together and support each other. Prove that solidarity is a modern concept and that collective strength is real strength.”

Under the merger agreement FETE is set to continue as a sector within the new federation, which includes retaining their name to recognise the union’s historical significance. The sectors have also been given international relations autonomy.

The Congress also elected Maribel Loranca as FETE’s representative on the federal commission, and Julio Lacuerda, former general Secretary of FSP-UGT, was elected General Secretary. Former FETE-UGT General Secretary, Carlos López Cortiñas, will continue with new responsibilities within the confederation UGT.