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Earthquake inflicts heavy toll on Nepal’s education sector

published 29 April 2015 updated 5 May 2015

As the details of destruction in the wake of Nepal’s biggest earthquake in decades become clearer by the day, the country’s education sector is uniting to deal with its own casualties and damaged schools.

The reality in Nepal is grim. With aid slow to arrive in many remote areas, the situation shows little sign of improving. Days after a devastating earthquake rocked the country to its core the death toll continues to climb, surpassing 5,000 with fears it may double, in addition to the more than 10,000 reported injured.

Education International (EI)’s Asia Regional Office has so far heard from three member organisations in Nepal - the NNTA, NTA and ISTU - all of them collecting relief funds and materials to deal with the aftermath.

Tragically, education has not been spared.

Across the country, the education sector is working to come to grips with the deaths of three teachers who were attending a training session at a resource centre, as well as a central committee member representative of the union NNTA who was killed outside of Kathmandu. The NNTA is also reporting that some of its teachers in one district have been badly affected. The union has called a meeting of its central committee to discuss the current situation and to address measures to be taken. However, only a few members are expected to attend due to precarious conditions.

The ISTU says it currently has no casualties among its members, and has sent messages to all of its members to get a clear picture of the aftermath outside of Kathmandu as traveling beyond the city is still considered dangerous due to aftershocks.

Officials from all unions are also assessing confirmed damage to various schools in the capital, with both the NNTA and NTA keeping their districts up-to-date regarding the safety of teachers, students and schools.

The most affected districts are Bhaktpur, Dadhin, Sankhu, Gurkha, Patan, Pokhra, Lanjung and Kathmandu. Sagar Nath, EI's regional coordinator, will travel to Kathmandu on 2 May.

Each member organisation has told EI that another round of updates should be expected within the next two to three days, and would like to thank EI and its member organisations for ongoing solidarity and support.

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