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A World at School launches Thunderclap to ignite countdown

published 20 August 2014 updated 26 August 2014

With only 500 days left to get 58 million children into the classroom, A World at School has ramped up their #EducationCountdown campaign to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of universal education.

The clock is ticking.

Kicking-off the campaign this week, A World at School’s #EducationCountdown has brought together groups from all sectors to see that every child receives an education. From NGOs, civil society, teachers, and youth groups to faith-based organisations and the business community, all are working to make universal education a reality by the end of 2015.

Through its social media initiative, Thunderclap, A World at School has set its sights on getting millions to join the push. By simply clicking on their link, anyone can call on the world community to make education for all a priority.

Going live on 18 August, marking 500 days until the deadline to get every child into school, the campaign incorporates various social media to suit everyone’s interests. As the deadline nears, every 100 days key barriers to learning will be addressed to shed light on what needs to be done