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Education International

GUPT and EI lead humanitarian assistance for teachers in Gaza

published 1 August 2014 updated 18 August 2014

The General Union of Palestinian Teachers (GUPT) and Education International have agreed to establish a special fund for providing humanitarian assistance to Gazan teachers, their families and students who have become victims of the war between Israel and Hamas.

It is estimated that so far that 20 teachers have lost their lives. Many more have been injured, have lost family members or have seen their homes destroyed. The fund is one of the conclusions of a meeting between Ahmet Anneess Sahweel, General Secretary of GUPT, and Education International (EI) General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen, which took place in Ramallah yesterday.

GUPT has some 6,000 members in Gaza, most of them working in government schools. EI and GUPT are outraged at the staggering number of civilians, particularly children, falling victims of the warfare, and at schools and hospitals being destroyed in the conflict.

Earlier this week EI reiterated that schools must be safe havens in all conflict zones of the world, and that there is no excuse for educational institutions being targeted or used for military purposes. Education International is contributing an initial amount of USD $25,000 to the Special Fund. Other EI member organisations have been requested to also contribute to this humanitarian assistance programme, which will be carried out by GUPT and its branches in Gaza.

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