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Quality education at heart of International Summit on the Teaching Profession

published 28 March 2014 updated 31 March 2014

“Excellence, Equity and Inclusiveness – High quality teaching for all” is the theme of the fourth International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2014 (ISTP) being held in Wellington, New Zealand, on 28-29 March 2014

The summit, which is organised jointly by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Education International  brings together more than 150 teaching professionals and policy makers from all over the world around three key questions that define quality teaching: how quality teachers and leaders can be attracted into and retained in schools with the greatest need, what the system levers for achieving equity in devolved systems are, and how to create learning environments that meet the needs of all children and young people.

During his address to the summit, EI’s General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen underlined the importance of highly qualified, self-starting and motivated teachers in the provision of quality education for all children and for the stability of societies and their economies. “It is after all teachers - and their collective voice - who define a successful education system”, he emphasised. “It is this vision that brings us here – we all have a common interest: we all want our education systems to work for all our children. How they work is the question we are discussing in the next two days”.

Van Leeuwen urged the OECD, UNESCO and the United Nations to come together with Education International to define and promote quality and equity in the world’s school systems.

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