Education International
Education International

Global Unions' Statement to the G20 Summit

published 31 October 2011 updated 4 November 2011

Leaders of the G20 will be meeting in Cannes, France, from 3-4 November 2011 to discuss measures to confront the financial and economic crisis.

Education International and the other Global Unions have issued a statement advocating the development of a global jobs and recovery plan as well as a reform of the financial sector, including the establishment of a financial transaction tax.

Highlighting the 200 million global unemployment rate and the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty, the Global Unions condemn the short-sighted austerity measures which are affecting public education and other public services worldwide.  Those measures may decrease the level of public debt in the short term, but will in the long term push countries into a debt trap through a self-fulfilling drop in demand.

The Global Unions are of the view that employment, education and quality public services are to be at the heart of any global recovery plan.

You may wish to download our G20 Statement and bring it to the attention of your government. Our voice must be heard at the G20 Summit! We count on your cooperation.