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UNESCO seeks good practice on combating homophobic bullying

published 27 September 2011 updated 28 September 2011

EI welcomes UNESCO’s first-ever international consultation on homophobic bullying and harassment in educational institutions and encourages member organisations to share any input on existing policies, programmes and tools that help prevent and address homophobic bullying and harassment in different regions in the world.

The desk research will gather evidence on the links between homophobia, transphobia and gender based violence in education institutions (including comprehensive sexuality education; gender; HIV prevention, and human rights education); the right to education; inclusive education, and Education for All (EFA).

The key findings of the research report will be presented at an international meeting in Brazil during December 2011. This meeting will contribute to the development of practical guidance for addressing homophobic bullying in educational institutions.

This is the first international consultation to be held on this issue under the auspices of the United Nations, arising from the UN Human Rights Council resolution on ’Human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity’ which was passed in June 2011.

EI’s sixth World Congress in Cape Town reaffirmed the promotion of human rights of all teachers and students and that these apply equally to all regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Congress also focused on strategies to advance LGBT rights in teacher training; in policy development; in school curricula; on-going professional development; in workplaces; public services, in coalition building, and in wider society. Delegates of the third EI-PSI Sexual Diversity Forum also recommended that the executive boards of EI and PSI continue to provide trade union input to the UN Study of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in relation to acts of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as a follow up to June’s UN resolution.

Submissions of good practices must be received before: 31 October, 2011

EI will send all submissions from member organisations to UNESCO. Education unions can also send their submissions directly to UNESCO’s consultant, Peter Gordon, at petergordon@blueyonder.co.uk and it is requested that you please also copy in EI Co-ordinator, Rebeca Sevilla, by email: Rebeca.sevilla@ei-ie.org

For more information you can contact at equality@ei-ie.org

EI recognizes homophobia as an expression of broader and historical gender inequalities.

Homophobic bullying refers to bullying that is motivated by resentment towards individuals perceived to be ’homosexual or who do not conform to the stereotypical standards of masculine or feminine behaviour’.