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Canada: Web resources for teachers in Democracy Week

published 14 September 2011 updated 16 September 2011

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is supporting the first-ever national Democracy Week from 12-16 September initiated by Elections Canada, an independent agency responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums, which has launched a new website.

The Canadian celebrations tie in with the United Nations’ International Day of Democracy, which is celebrated on 15 September each year to mark the September 1997 adoption of a Universal Declaration on Democracy by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

This declaration affirms the global principles of democracy as well as the elements and exercise of democratic government. It is based on the belief that throughout history, democracies have flourished, been threatened or dismantled, and re-emerged in societies all over the world. The involvement of people in the public affairs of their countries is more likely to ensure basic freedoms, equality, and preserve peace.

With a rallying call of ‘Spark Interest in Voting: We Provide the Tools!’  the EI-affiliated union federation is drawing teachers’ attention to resources that are available on www.democracy-democratie.ca.

The CTF has emphasised that the role of educators is more crucial than ever before in showing the relevance of parliamentary and democratic institutions to students, who will be the voters of tomorrow.

With this in mind, CTF members have welcomed the initiative of Elections Canada which provides elementary, high school and English as a second language  teachers with free educational resources, activities, information and links, all designed to make their work a little easier in promoting citizenship education.

EI encourages all Canadian teachers to use these tools during Democracy Week to help their students become informed citizens who are ready and able to play an active role in their communities and country.

Background information and resources for Democracy Week in Canada can be found here.