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EI: “ICT in education is a tool, not an end in itself”

published 18 May 2011 updated 20 May 2011

Education International is participating in the World Summit on the Information Society currently held in Geneva from 16-20 May. Representing EI on the panel in two sessions on “E-learning: Teachers Count” and “Education and ICTs”, Hans Laugesen from the Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening (Denmark) presented teachers' perspective with regard to the use of ICT in education.

“As is shown in the 2008 results of the OECD's TALIS and Danish experience, more professional development and support in the area is ranked as the second most important need by teachers,” said Laugesen.

EI Education and Employment Co-ordinator Harold Tor made the intervention that EI policies established in its 2001 and 2004 World Congress resolutions promote the use of ICT in education, but recognise it as a tool to aid the pedagogical process and is not an end in itself.

The EI delegation also highlighted the importance of involving teachers and teacher unions in the process of developing any national reform in using ICT in education or the drafting of any national or international standards in teacher ICT-competency profile.

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