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Yemen: Violence against teachers continues

published 8 April 2011 updated 12 April 2011

The Yemen Teachers Syndicate asserts that at least three teachers have been killed during the past two weeks of unrest. "We know of three teachers that were shot during the recent protests," says Yehya Alinai, spokesperson for the Syndicate.

"In Jawf, these are Abdullah Mohammed Chihat and Ahmed Al Jaber Khuwaiter. In Taiz, Abdel-Salam Amin Kasim Shamiri fell victim to the aggression by the security forces."

Moreover, the organisation fears for the life of Mahfouz Fadl Al Shaabi, who was abducted by security forces in Sanaa, and has not been seen since. Dozens more were reported to have been abducted, beaten, or poisoned by tear gas. EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen said: "EI unreservedly condemns the violence against protesters, especially the intimidation and detention of trade unionists, when they make legitimate demands for fundamental rights and freedom." The situation is still evolving rapidly; for this reason, the Yemen Teachers Syndicate has difficulties in monitoring how many more teachers were assaulted, detained, or killed. the organisation is determined, however, to alert the international community to more agression as and when they come to its attention. Education International condemns and denounces these actions by the autoritarian regime, and urges the international community to step up pressure in order to halt these infringements on trade union rights and basic human rights.