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MDGs Summit: Speak up for education now!

published 20 September 2010 updated 20 September 2010

World leaders are gathering in New York this week for an historic event: the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Summit.

The purpose of the event is to review and to accelerate progress towards the MDGs before the year 2015.

The eight Millennium Development Goals that were first adopted by global leaders in 2000 aimed to slash poverty, illiteracy, disease, maternal and child deaths and other ills by a 2015 deadline. Every five years since then, heads of state and leaders have come together to undertake a comprehensive review of successes, challenges and opportunities, best practices and lessons learned. They also analyse the current context and determine concrete strategies for action.

The achievement of primary universal education is the second priority in the list of MDGs, so the New York Summit is a major forum to speak up for education. It is the moment for EI’s members to join voices and make the world’s leaders understand that there can be no real development without investment in education.

Faltering commitments from donor nations and waning political will have put many developing nations in serious danger of rolling back the gains already made to expand access to education.

Recent analysis proves that, if current trends continue, there will be more children out of school in 2015 than there are today. It is therefore essential that support for education becomes a central focus of individual and collective efforts at the MDGs Summit.

This is why the Global Campaign for Education, of which EI is a founding member, and its 1GOAL campaign are organising a special high-level event for the first day of the Summit. You can participate in this action by submitting your message and calling on world leaders to ensure a quality education for every child by 2015. The names and comments of 1GOAL supporters will be projected in front of global leaders at this event and your voice will be heard.

Take a moment and write a few words about why education matters so much to you, and why you want world leaders to do what it takes to get every child in school and achieve Education for All by 2015. Please click here.