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Korea: EI takes action to support teachers threatened by dismissal

published 9 August 2010 updated 9 August 2010

EI and its affiliate the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union (KTU, Jeon Gyo Jo) have called for the withdrawal of a plan to dismiss 183 teachers who made private donations to a political party.

On 6 May, 183 members of the KTU were charged with allegedly joining the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), based on the fact that they had made private donations to the opposition DLP party.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology swiftly announced a plan to dismiss all of the teachers on 23 May for breaching the political neutrality clause which teachers and civil servants are expected to abide by law. Article 65 of South Korea's Civil Servants' Law forbids public school teachers from making any donation to political parties.

Despite the formal legal process not even having begun, 16 local education authorities across the country began internal disciplinary procedures. Consequently, KTU President Jeong Jin-hoo went on hunger strike for 18 days to highlight the unjust targeting of KTU members.

EI has launched an Urgent Action Appeal to ask affiliates to support our colleagues in South Korea.

Education International has launched an Urgent Action Appeal to ask EI affiliates to support the colleagues in Korea. Further information on the background of this dispute and what action can be taken is available on the Urgent Action Appeal page..