Education International
Education International

EI proposes major policy initiative

published 24 February 2010 updated 24 February 2010

EI has decided to invite its member organisations to participate in a consultation process to develop a comprehensive policy on education for adoption by the 2011 World Congress. A consultative document has been issued to member organisations containing a series of key questions. The overarching theme of these questions is the role of educators and their unions in developments in education over the next twenty years.

This consultation represents an outstanding opportunity for EI affiliates to share their ideas and understandings on education issues, and to become actively engaged in the development of EI policy on the future of education. This is the first opportunity for member organisations to become involved in such a policy development process outside of EI congresses themselves.

The results of the consultation will be taken into account in preparing clear, strong and comprehensive policies on all aspects of education for adoption at next year’s EI World Congress in Cape Town.