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Kenya: KNUT’s commitment to EFAIDS unshaken by unrest

published 19 May 2008 updated 19 May 2008

The post-election unrest in Kenya has not dulled the commitment of the Kenya National Union of Teachers to advancing EFA and halting HIV and AIDS. The union gathered forty of their members in Ngong Town, southern Kenya, to participate in a national training of trainers (TOTs) session on April 23, 2008.

The workshop was coordinated by Scott Pulizzi of Education Development Center and Richard Etonu of the EI Africa Regional Office. Progress was swift - much EFAIDS material was covered and themes discussed in-depth included protecting teachers from HIV infection , advocacy, gender safe schools and greater involvement of People Living with HIV and AIDS.

Scott Pulizzi attributed the success of the workshop to the “intelligent, dedicated and creative leaders” and the strong support of the Kenya National Unions of Teachers leadership.

Education International recognises the ongoing commitment of the Kenya National Union of Teachers and is confident of the positive impact the recently trained teachers will have through bringing the EFAIDS programme to their communities.

While in Kenya, Richard Etonu coordinator at the EI Africa Regional Office, took the opportunity to meet with the three EI members KNUT, KUDHEIHA and UASU to discuss measures to meet the needs of teachers in the wake of the political crisis. Financial resources were provided to the three unions to enable them to implement their reconstruction project proposals, and the possibility of the unions cooperating on a future project was explored.

For further information on progress in Kenya please contact efaids@ei-ie.org