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Congress Newsflash: Transport in Berlin

published 12 July 2007 updated 12 July 2007

Please note that there will be organised transport from only Tegel Airport to the 3 Congress hotels (Ellington, Park Inn and Estrel) from 19-21 July.

Because of the small number of participants arriving at Schoenefeld or Tempelhof, these participants should organise their own transport to their respective hotels.

Organised EI Coaches from Tegel to the hotels

The schedule of EI coaches from Tegel is as follows: 8:30 (2 buses on 21 July) 9:15 10:00 10:45 11:30 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:30 15:15 16:00 16:45 17:30 18:15 19:00 19:45 20:30 21:15 22:00

Public Transport from Schoenefeld and Tempelhof to the hotels

You can research on how to travel from Schoenefeld or Tempelhof airports to your hotel on the website of the Berlin Public Transport System: www.bvg.de

Organised EI Coaches from the hotels to the Estrel Convention Centre

There will be coaches fetching participants between the hotels Ellington and Park Inn and the Estrel Convention Centre, at the beginning and end of each Congress day from 20th to 26th July. The schedule of these coaches will be displayed in your hotel lobby.

If participants wish to use the public transport to go to the Estrel Convention Centre (S-bahn station: Sonnenallee), they can consult the schedule on the website of the Berlin Public Transport System: www.bvg.de