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KNUT/Kenya awards schools on HIV/AIDS prevention efforts

published 18 April 2007 updated 18 April 2007

In October 2006 a competition for schools participating in the KNUT/AFT HIV/AIDS programme got off the ground with the involvement of 105 schools. EI provided support for this initiative which was heralded as an excellent method of motivating schools to step up their HIV/AIDS education efforts.

The schools involved included both the primary and secondary levels, teacher training colleges and technical institutions. Essentially the competition was organised in order to find out how the policy of the Ministry of Education HIV and AIDS Section is being implemented in learning institutions throughout the country. At the award ceremony, ten schools were awarded on the basis of their achievements within the scope of their HIV/AIDS programme a.o. their success to date on transferring life skills, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues into the curriculum and the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s HIV/AIDS workplace policy.

The evaluation was conducted by the HIV/AIDS technical team from the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Ministry of Education officials and representatives of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

The top ten schools were invited to an awards ceremony which took place on March 23 at Mukuru Primary School in Nairobi. Among the participants were pupils, teachers from across the country, KNUT National Executive members and staff, USAID officials and representatives of the AFT. EI affiliate UNATU was also represented at the event.

The pupils participating in the awards ceremony entertained guests with music, dance and poem recitation. Later the Chairperson appealed to the media to publicise the event in order to sensitise major stakeholders such as the National AIDS Council so that they may provide support to KNUT in their efforts to fight AIDS.

Ten schools received trophies and other gifts. The best three schools were:

-1st : Mikindani Primary school, Mombasa -2nd: Gikumene Primary school, Mweru -3rd: Lake Primary school, Kisumu

KNUT donated one tonne of firewood, 10 bags of maize and 2 bags of beans to Mukuru primary school for the needy children being educated from the slum areas nearby. The Head mistress’s photo will feature in the KNUT calendar as a mark of recognition for her great work in maintaining high standards amidst many challenges. For more information, please email us at efaids@ei-ie.org.