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BUT/Barbados heralds progress on HIV and AIDS in the workplace

published 15 March 2007 updated 15 March 2007

The BUT/Barbados has reacted positively to the Government of Barbados’ announcement on plans to introduce anti-discrimination legislation this year for people living with HIV/AIDS. If properly implemented, the new laws would signify a considerable step forward for the movement to ensure greater protection for HIV positive teachers and workers in general.

The BUT/Barbados has been at the forefront of the fight to introduce HIV/AIDS education in schools and training for teachers. It has given its support to the planned legislation. Mr. Lemuel Tull, coordinator of the EFAIDS Programme in Barbados said that ‘the Union supports the new anti-discrimination legislation and looks forward to working with social partners not only to seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination, but also to enhance the well-being of those infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS.’ The BUT has been involved in several initiatives aimed at reducing the number of HIV infections including its contribution to the ‘Handbook on AIDS for Caribbean Teachers’.

Together with its social partners, the BUT has played a key role in advocating for a vigorous education sector response to HIV and AIDS. Their efforts have resulted in more activity from the state, including new legislative proposals and a government website (www.minofhealthhivaids.org). The website provides access to those interested in learning more about HIV and AIDS and news and information on how to get tested, how to prevent infection and how to seek counselling and treatment. For more information, please contact us.