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EFAIDS Brochure: now available in three languages

published 15 March 2007 updated 15 March 2007

The EFAIDS Brochure outlines the response by teachers and teachers’ unions to Education for All and HIV and AIDS. It is now available in all of EI’s official languages – English, French and Spanish.

First published by EI in 2005, this second edition of the brochure presents the EFAIDS programme as implemented by teachers’ unions in 25 countries worldwide. It looks into specific issues dealt with by the unions in the field of EFA and HIV/AIDS education, for example, the quality of education, financing EFA, the importance of social partnerships and the need for training on HIV and AIDS. Furthermore it includes testimonies from four EFAIDS Coordinators - in Guyana, Zambia, India and Rwanda – which vividly portray the challenges faced by teachers in relation to the fight against AIDS, the endeavour to achieve Education for All and efforts to tackle these issues in tandem. To download the brochure, please go to our website: http://www.ei-ie.org/efaids/en/publications.htm