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Visit to Tsunami-hit areas a “life-changing experience”

published 9 March 2007 updated 9 March 2007

"I could never have anticipated what I experienced whilst I was in Banda Aceh", said Martin Jones, 17, from the UK as he returned from the EI Tsunami Student Tour to Banda Aceh.

EI organised the tour for students and their teachers from schools which contributed to the EI Solidarity Fund for the Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme in order for them to see first-hand the rebuilding process. By doing this, EI hopes to build understanding and positive relations between the international and Acehnese students through further exchanges of information and experience.

Students posted their thoughts to a blog during and after the visit. The blog is available at tsunamitour.blogspot.com

A full article, EI Tsunami Student Tour – A life-changing experience is available here.