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Education International

Teachers Matter: New Report on HIV in Kenya

published 12 February 2007 updated 12 February 2007

A new study conducted by the Population Council/Horizons Programme finds that teachers are being neglected by initiatives to prevent the spread of HIV and recommends further action to train and provide services to teachers on HIV prevention, care and support and the reduction of stigma.

In Kenya teachers constitute the largest working group with 240,000 professionals in their midst. Against this backdrop research has shown that Kenya is soon to be second only to South Africa with regard to the number of teachers dying from HIV infection. One of the principle findings of the research is that the gap in knowledge and skills among teachers is still considerable. Confidentiality is a big issue for teachers living with HIV and AIDS and uncertainty continues to surround the issue of their employment rights. To date three quarters of all Kenyan teachers have not been tested. The report is available to download via the link below.