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EI Europe declares its support for Romanian teachers

published 9 December 2005 updated 6 June 2018

The European Region of Education International, which represents 143 teacher organisations in 44 European countries, passed a resolution in its meeting in Luxemburg from 6-7 Dec, declaring its support for Romanian teachers.

Teachers in Romania has been on strike since 7 Nov, demanding the government to increase public expenditure in education as well as improve teacher salaries. On 24 Nov, the EI Pan European Structure including the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) issued a 4-point statement to the Romanian government, demanding the latter to accede to the teachers' requests. Below is a copy of the resolution in English: Education International European Region (Pan-European Structure) The Pan-European Committee of Education International and the Executive Board of the ETUCE, representing 143 teacher trade unions in 44 European countries, meeting in Luxemburg on 6-7 December 2005, Recognising * the importance of European countries and their governments respecting international commitments to uphold international standards relating to human and trade union rights; * the commitments made by many European countries which aspire to membership of the European Union to uphold and enforce the standards of the European Union in relation to justice and democracy; * that it is contrary to the principles of the European Union to seek to curtail by legislation the capacity of unions to participate in social dialogue on issues which affect their members interests; * the critical role which a successful education system plays in the economic development of a country; Demands that the Government of Romania * recognises and respects the trade union rights of teachers and of their unions in the country; * Upholds the principles of the EU and ILO in relation to trade union recognition and rights; * Encourages the participation of teachers and their union representatives in debates on the future development of their education systems; * Prioritises expenditure on its education services to ensure that high quality services are available free of charge to all citizens and that the teachers and other education workers are adequately remunerated, and, Supports * The actions taken by the teacher unions in pursuit of these goals.