Bulletins Syndicaux

Publié 12 avril 2019 Mis à jour 12 avril 2019
Host organizations
Syndicat national des enseignants du secondaire et du supérieur (SNESS) and Syndicat national des enseignants africains du Burkina (SNEA-B)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Burkina Faso
Start date
12 avril 2019
End date
31 mars 2020
Communication;Union unity;

This project will permit SNESS and SNEA-B to continue publishing and distributing union reports that will reach all regions of the country. This process will have multiple steps: the writing and collection of articles; the selection and revision of these articles; the publication of the reports; the printing of 1000 copies; the distribution of 1000 copies (except those that will be included in the archives); and the resale of the copies at 300 F-CFA each.


With the publication and the distribution of the reports, the SNESS-SNEA-B will be better able to: - be known on the ground - have their opinions and advice influence important questions regarding education - have the decisions made by the unions passed at the national level - give decentralized structures a means of expressing themselves - assist their members to receive the same information about the union across the country