Leadership Training

published 25 April 2019 updated 25 April 2019
Host organizations
Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union (SLTU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Sierra Leone
Start date
25 April 2019
End date
30 November 2019
Communication;Gender;Organizing, recruiting;Union unity;

Three days of leadership training will be provided for a maximum of 260 SLTU members at the regional, district, and branch levels (those members not previously trained during the August 2018 session). Some topics that will be covered include: SLTU structures and functions; leadership; rights and responsibilities of teachers; gender issues; and national and international labour laws.


Following the training, the SLTU leaders at the national, regional, and district levels will be better able to: - Find ways to collaborate with the newly formed Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in areas where SLTU’s and TSC’s services overlap or complement one another; - Promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in order to create more opportunities for women leaders within the SLTU; - Manage projects with national and international partners, including the CTF-FCE; - Enhance two-way communication with teachers; - Demonstrate that the SLTU is an important and effective agent for positive change, both in education and in society in general