Portrait of a teacher: Claudius Okec, Oboth primary school Head Teacher

published 11 June 2017 updated 18 July 2017

“Thanks to this project, we have improved the daily follow-up of the pupils in our school."

"We monitor daily attendance, their academic performance, and we act as soon as a pupil shows any loss of motivation. We have created clubs, led by both the teachers and the pupils, aimed at boosting pupils’ interest in the school. An English club, health club, farming club, and sports club are just a few of the examples. Before the project, if a parent asked for my permission to allow his child to be absent in order to help him at work, I gave my consent. Now, I explain to the parent that missing school for work, even for one day, is unthinkable. The change of mindset created by the project in our community helps to get this message across more easily. Last year, more than 100 pupils dropped out of our school during the school year. But this year, thanks to the project, the enrolment rate increased by 13 per cent.”