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World Day against Child Labour: new EI resource manual for teachers

published 12 June 2014 updated 12 June 2014

Every year, Education International (EI) marks the World Day against Child Labour (WDACL) on 12 June to encourage education unions to organise public activities showing the commitment of teachers and education support personnel to eradicating child labour, and promote quality public education for all children.

This year, EI and the ILO-IPEC have joined forces to prepare a new learning resource manual for teachers, education workers and their unions engaged in the struggle against child labour. New Resource Manual on Child Labour

Over the years, EI has developed educational campaign material that may be used globally to undertake activities around child labour issues. In collaboration with the Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour of the International Labour Organisation (ILO-IPEC), EI is now launching a new resource manual on child labour: "Teachers and Education Unions: Ending Child Labour".

This manual was developed as one of the tools to enhance the response of education unions in tackling child labour. The manual acknowledges the continued scourge of child labour, the failure to achieve quality education for all as one of the most important contributing factors and the important roles that unions and teachers can play in helping to resolve these issues. It is designed as a tool that can be used by education unions and by teachers according to their responsibilities.

ILO Red Card to Child Labour

EI also invites its member organisations to join the ILO’s #RedCard to Child Labour campaign by signing up for the ILO Thunderclap social media event.