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FETE UGT won the Spanish cinema award with the documentary film “Las Maestras de la República”

published 25 February 2014 updated 25 February 2014

"Las Maestras de la República” (women teachers in the Spanish Republic) film promoted by the Education Federation of Workers (FETE-UGT) and Transit Productions won the 2014 Goya Award for best documentary film.

The film recreates, through archival footage and interviews with family members and history teachers, the crucial role of the women played in the modernisation of education that took place during the years of the Spanish Second Republic.

Republican women teachers symbolise better than anyone else the social and cultural transformation of the Spanish Second Republic. One of their main objectives was to ensure the social right to quality education for everyone. In this context, women teachers became citizens’ models for female students and for the whole society. This documentary promoted by FETE-UGT seeks to recover the great work that these women played in the conquest of equality and democratic public education in the Spanish society.

Since it was released, "Las Maestras de la República" has garnered enormous acclaim. Besides exhibited in the Spanish Film Library, cultural houses or cinemas, the film was also screened at the houses of the people of UGT and in more than 400 theatres across the state, including cultural centres, associations, schools, universities, town halls and cinemas. Over 80,000 people have already attended one of its public screenings. It has also been released on DVD.


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