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published 13 February 2014 updated 19 February 2014

UNESCO’s Global Monitoring Report is a detailed look at the importance of quality teaching that deserves careful consideration as the world considers the way forward toward quality education for all.

That’s the message delivered by EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen at the International Conference of the Israel Teachers Union and Education International.

Marking the 110th anniversary of the founding of the union, the conference explored “Education for Global Citizenship,” a key component of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Global Education First Initiative and EI’s Unite for Quality Education campaign.

“Quality matters. It cannot be a luxury for the few; it’s a necessity for every student. And not just literacy and numeracy. Both are vital. But if we are to truly affect the future, we must aim our sights higher,“ said van Leeuwen. “Advocacy of global citizenship through quality education is not simply in our DNA as teachers and education professionals. It’s embedded in our understanding of civilization. Quality education is not simply a public good. It is a basic human right.”

To read the entire speech as delivered, click here.

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