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Health& Safety - Project Results Published

published 27 January 2014 updated 28 January 2014

The results of the latest ETUCE Health and Safety project Teacher trade unions in solidarity for healthy and safe workplaces in the economic crisis were disseminated last week. ETUCE member organisations will receive USB Flash Drives to disseminate the project results among their members and affiliates.

The USB keys contain all project publications. Among these can be found:

  • a comprehensive project brochure in English, French, German, and Spanish,
  • the practical recommendations that were developed in the project,
  • the research report with all the data collected in the survey and in interviews
  • activity reports on the main events : two peer learning activities and a final conference.

Member organisations and stakeholders in education are invited to use these materials and disseminate them amongst their affiliates.

This one year EU funded project had the main objective to strengthen solidarity between teacher unions in Europe in support of maintaining and promoting healthy and safe working conditions. The aim was to promote the well-being and safety of teachers and other education employees as prerequisites for quality education.

This project focused on the implications of the economic crisis on occupational health and safety in the education sector. It followed an empirical approach and collected data in an online survey and interviews. From this evidence base, practical guidelines were developed to promote health and safety in the education sector in times of crisis.

To find out more about the project and its results, please visit: