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Child labour undermines quality education

published 12 June 2013 updated 12 June 2013

Every 12 June, Education International (EI) and its member organisations worldwide celebrate the World Day against Child Labour (WDCL). On that day, they highlight the global extent of child labour and raise awareness on the situation of millions of children, girls and boys, working across the globe.

EI is the largest global teacher organisation, representing over 30 million teachers in more than 170 countries and territories. For the organisationand its affiliates, World Day against Child Labour is also a crucial opportunity to reiterate that every child has the right to a free quality public education.

“EI wants to eradicate the scourge of child labour, as it undermines children’s basic right to education, as well as the achievement of Education for All goals by 2015,” says EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen. “Quality education must be equally accessible to all. It will not be achieved until all children have access to healthy and safe schools, and are taught by qualified teachers.”

Teachers’ unions have been pioneers in the movement to prevent and eliminate child labour. In previous years, many EI member organisations have carried out successful campaigns in their respective countries. They consider the fight against child labour to be a core component of their advocacy for the right to education.

On 12 June, thousands of teachers will participate in activities organised in their countries, aimed at ending child labour and promoting education opportunities for all children.

The EI ‘One Hour against Child Labour’ activity will be practised in classrooms, staff rooms and union offices. The objective is to increase the awareness of teachers and students about child labour and to encourage them to take action at various levels throughout the year.

If you are looking for ideason possible actions to be implemented at union or school level, have a look at EI’s latest brochure: ‘ Teacher unions at the forefront of the fight against child labour: good practice’!

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